“My own place under the Sun”


           This house was the most beautiful and special house for me because this is where we stay. Whenever I’m here I always feel happy, comfortable, safe, and no worries. This house was the witness for all my happiness, pains, and all the things that happened to me.

This house was my first play house…

Even though I wasn’t born here. But I was raised here by my parents. I know were not the type of perfect family but for me I am lucky to be part of it. I have a caring mother, a strong father. Smart, sweet and lovable brothers. These people were always there for me through ups and downs.These lot were our house was placed was not really our lot these was owned by my grandmother, she gave it to us. And I am thankful for that. Because of it we made a beautiful house.


Our house was surrounded by lots of fruits like guava, rambutan, mangoes, coconuts, avocado, star apple, Valencia orange, santol, jackfruit, papaya, banana, guyabano and cacao. We also have vegetables like squash, ampalaya, pechay, and beans. That why its not a problem if were hungry we could get some fruits or vegetables from our surroundings.

And we also have a beautiful garden by my Nanay, because she loves plants. And actually my Nanay is an agriculturist that’s why she loves plants or she also loves raisings pigs. Actually when we were still studying in SCTCDCFI the pigs that my Nanay was raising was the only way for her to pay the big amount of tuition fee in our school imagine we are 3 studying their and were just poor, that’s why Nanay sold her pigs so that she can use it to pay for our tuition fee. Nanay also had a chickens and she also used those chickens for our lunch. So that we could save, because she will not give us money anymore because we already had food for lunch.

I’m not fund of going out, it’s just that I always feel comfortable when I’m inside the house. Sometimes my friends in our baranggay told me that, sometimes try to go out and hang around with us. Sometimes I try to go. But still I immediately go home. I don’t know but I really love staying at home.

I get happy when I see children playing outside our house it’s like they’re very happy being with their friends, problem free. Their thinking about nothing but to play, play and play. I remember when I had my first pet it was a chick and because I really love animals I let that chick stay beside me when I sleep. When I woke up, I found the chick dead under my brother. And I cried because my chick died. And whenever they remember me crying because of that chick, they keep laughing at me and teasing me.

I also remembered the times I played with frogs. I get up on the trees. Going to our roof top and going down from the roof top even it’s very dangerous. I still remember all the things that happened to me in this house and I will always remember them and as a good memories.


“The Day You Left Leyte”

The day you left Leyte the heavens cried. I cant imagine what would happen to me if you’ll leave me. It’s hard for me to let you go because your the only person I can feel that I am secured. I always think of, what if time will come that someones making fun of me, who will be their to save me? Who will be their to comfort me? You are my favorite brother. I love you because you are kind, sweet, caring, intelligent, and most of all you are handsome?? Hahaha. Joke!yes you are handsome my dear brother that’s what you keep on insisting to me. Hehehe. My dear brother now that your full filling your dreams. I am starting to realize that you wont always be their for me. I just keep in mind that your doing that for us, your family. and soon to be your own family. But you will always be my big brother and no one can replace you in my heart.